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Thu Jun 26 15:43:12 CDT 2008

I have already been in communication with them regarding their parli program.  I got them in touch with sympathetic professors on their campus and told them about summer program and local tournament opportunities.  

To: edebate at www.ndtceda.comFrom: Jacob.Thompson at unlv.eduDate: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 10:39:11 -0700Subject: [eDebate] helping BYU debateBecause BYU would have been another new addition to D9, I took the initiative to contact the student who emailed Tuna.   Unfortunately, this program is Parli only, and won't/can't switch to NDT/CEDA policy debate. Anyone interested in helping a parli program???  If anyone wants to get ahold of him, his email address is truthlikefire at yahoo.com Jake Dear Mr Thompson,Points of fact:1.  BYU has a bad debate history.  Our team was caught cheating in the 1970s.  2.  We have raised approximately 5,500 dollars for the coming year.  That is about three times what we previously have had.  We expect to raise at least another 5000.  We have written letters to eight more school departments for sponsorship.3.  I am a parliamentary debater.  The team is parli.  4.  We have little to no staff help.  Our advisor is a dean that really likes to live through the team but is so busy he is unable to be proactive.  Other staff don't want to step on his toes by helping out.5.  We hired a former debater who is now a vice president for overstock.com.  He will be our coach so to speak.  6.  We have broken ground and recruited 6 solid incoming students who will be bolster our skill pool.    I am not sure if policy is in the cards for us at th is time, unfortunately.  We are having a hard time getting the funding that competing schools are easily granted.  Truly,AndrewDr. Jacob Thompson, Ph.D.Director, Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum Assistant Professor In ResidenceGreenspun College of Urban AffairsDepartment of Communication StudiesUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas4505 Maryland Parkway Box 45052Las Vegas, NV 89154-4502office (702) 895-3474fax (702) 895-4805cell (702) 809-9670Rebel Debate on the web:www.unlv.edu/orgs/debate
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