[eDebate] Towson U. "Great Debaters" Mau Mau Liberal Judges

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Sun Jun 29 14:36:28 CDT 2008

This article was flamingly racist and absurd.  Mr. Stix, you are an idiotic jackass.  "Black" Towson did not "mug" "white" Kansas....They beat them in a debate round.  Your characterization of these teams in this manner is both racist and intentionally inflammatory.  You wanted Kansas to bash the Towson debaters in your interview. The "naive" comment directed at Nate reflects your frustration at the lack of militant hatred you sought.  I will not dignify your article further by address all of the inaccuracies and ridiculous comments.  The debate featured two great teams who give a tremendous amount of hard work (not to mention their heart and souls) to this activity.  Shame on you.

Beth Skinner <beth.skinner at gmail.com> wrote: I'm not sure that sharing this link is net beneficial but at least its
enlightening to see what people have to say about your activity.  As a
born-Midwesterner, I'd just like to say that I'm proud of Jayhawk
debate.  Politely yours, Beth

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