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Sherry Hall shahall
Tue Mar 4 06:29:48 CST 2008

Greetings All:

If you plan to apply for a second round, at-large bid to the NDT, you must pay $50.00 by Thursday, March 6, 2008.  You can pay in one of two ways.  First, you can send a check made payable to "The National Debate Tournament" to me at 324 Franklin St, Cambridge, MA  02139.  Second, you can pay with a credit card on the AFA website.  If you choose to pay via the AFA site, please email me an electronic copy of the receipt so I can verify that you have paid.  

I have received payments from the following schools:
Dartmouth (1)
Emory (1)
Harvard (1)
Michigan State (1)
Missouri State (1)
Northwestern (1)
Pittsburgh (1)
Redlands (1)
Samford (1)
Wake (1)
Wayne State (1)
West Georgia (1)

I have received electronic recepits indicating payment on the AFA site from the following schools:
Bard (1)
Baylor (1)
United States Military Academy (1)

I have received a message that the following schools paid the district chair at the district tournment:
Central Oklahoma (1)
Emporia (1)
Kansas (1)
Kansas State (1)

I consider all of the above schools to be paid even though I have not yet received the check from District Three or the money from the AFA.  The only District chairs that contacted me about collecting money at the district tournaments were 3, 5 and 6.  If you paid your district chair and you are not on this list, please encourage that person to contact me asap.  

I have received word from a couple of other schools that they will be sending me a check.  
Dartmouth (1)
Whitman (1)

If you are planning to pay me directly, please contact me as well.

The NDT fees were set at the Committee meeting at the Texas tournament.  The fees for this year are $100.00 per team and $75.00 per observer.  We have made a couple of changes in the fee collection process.  First, each "team" counts as four participants regardless of how many teams you qualify.  If you qualify three teams, you do not owe an observer fee for the first twelve people (debaters and their judges and coaches) that you bring.  You will owe the $75.00 fee to cover the actual cost of the meals provided at the Fullerton NDT for each additional person.  You must pay the $75.00 for any observer that you bring to the tournament -- extra debaters, friends, parents, additional coaches, etc.  The food on campus will be served in the rooms where announcements are made so we will not allow people into the announcement room who have not paid.  If you plan to bring someone to just the opening night reception or the closing banquest, you can contact me about what to pay for that person.

You can pay by credit card (Master Card or Visa only), check, or cash at registration in Fullerton on Thursday, March 27.  I will be sending out a credit card authorization form shortly.  If you plan to pay by credit card you must submit the form to me so that I can pre-authorize your credit card.  We will not have the facilities or the time to call in each credit card as people go through registration.  Checks should be payable to "The National Debate Tournament."  

These are the lowest fees that we have had in years.  They are due to a combination of lower food costs in Fullerton and the generous fund-raising efforts of District One, as well as the continued generosity of Pallisades.  I have recently learned that a big part of the promised contribution to help defray costs may not materialize.  Given that these fees were already set, and I won't know until later whether the money is going to come through, I am not raising the fees. It does mean that I am now concerned that there will not be sufficient funds to pay for the post tournament party at the hotel on Monday, April 1, 2008.  I have already signed a contract with the hotel for this event so we cannot cancel it.  Last year, several schools made contributions in addition to their entry fees to pay for the end of the tournament party.  I once again am asking schools to make a contribution (they ranged from $50.00 to $500.00 last year, with the average contribution at $100.00) if you can. You can roll it into the rest of your fees, and it will appear as a charge on your receipt.  Having a centralized place for everyone go gather after the debates is not only socially beneficial, but it provides a safer environment for everyone on that night.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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