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The latest issue of CAD, volume 27 from 2006, will be handed out at CEDA registration in Wichita.
Below is the Table of Contents and Call for Papers.  As you can see it was a lengthy issue.  CAD is the official journal of CEDA has been a vibrant outlet for forensic pedagogy and research, as well as for argumentation and criticism scholars alike in the activity. 

Contemporary Argumentation and Debate

The Journal of the Cross Examination Debate Association

VOLUME 27                                                               2006


Forensic Program Resources: A National Comprehensive Study

Jack Rogers


Gender Inequity in Debate, Legal and Business Professions

Irene Matz and Jon Bruschke


Uncovering the Intellectual Diversity of Common Lines of Argument in Modern Policy Debate

Sarah E. Ryan and Benjamin K. Sovacool


CAD Forum

Technology and Debate: An Assessment

Allan Louden, Forum Editor


On Further Integrating Information Technology and Academic Debate

Timothy M. O'Donnell


Deliberating Debate's Digital Features

Carly Woods, Matthew Brigham, Brent Heavner, Takuzo Konishi, John Rief, Brent Saindon, and Gordon R. Mitchell


Women in Debate: From Virtual to Material

Rae Lynn Schwartz-     DuPre


On-Line Debate Record Keeping and Judge Information: An Imprudent Look at the Future

Jon Bruschke and Toni Nielson


Debate and the Web: Creating Synergy between Evidence Retrieval and Production

Stefan Bauschard


Internet Debating: Technical Solutions for the 21st Century

Alfred C. Snider


         Argue into the Camera, Please: An Exploration of Comprehensive Digital Recording in Debate

Eric Morris




The Interconnectedness between Intercollegiate Policy Debate Education and the Urban Debate Leagues: From a Distance, Five Years and Change Later

C. Thomas Preston, Jr.





Call for Manuscripts





Submission Policy 
Contemporary Argumentation and Debate: The Journal of the Cross Examination Debate Association, is a refereed journal dedicated to publishing quality scholarship related to the theory and practice of debate (academic and pubic sphere) and argumentation (theoretical and applied). 
Submission Guidelines 
Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The journal employs a blind review system. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in a current Word or rich-text format. Identification materials--the author(s), institutional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone numbers--should only appear on the first page. The first page should also note any previous public presentation of publication of any portion or form of the manuscript. The manuscript should not contain internal references that identify the author in a way to compromise blind review. All correspondence relating to the manuscript, including notification that the manuscript has been received, will be directed to the specified author. Authors submitting to Contemporary Argumentation and Debate must give exclusive right of review to this journal until such time that the review has been completed. Upon acceptance, assignment of copyright will be made to the Cross Examination Debate Association. CAD is an annual publication with manuscripts accepted throughout the year. 
An electronic copy of manuscript should be sent to: 

Allan Louden - louden at wfu.edu
Editor, Contemporary Argumentation and Debate
Department of Communication 
Box 7347, Reynolda Station 
Wake Forest University 
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


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