[eDebate] Thanks to NW CEDA

Samuel Maurer chairman.maurer
Tue Mar 4 13:52:45 CST 2008

Thank you to Jim and everyone from Whitman who helped make NW CEDA
champs possible.  The tournament had a very hospitable schedule, great
food (and lots of it), and a ridiculous amount of accommodations for
its guests.  I would strongly encourage people from outside of the
northwest to attend in the future because (1) in spite of the airfare,
the tournament is VERY cheap to attend because there are no entry fees
(for out of state), all the food is free and plentiful (we didn't go
to a restaurant in Walla Walla), and we didn't need a car because they
picked us up at the airport and shuttled us around.  Overall, we spent
about the same amount of money on this tournament as we have to go to
a tournament in Kansas City in the past.  And we weren't one of the
"gold" teams who get hotel paid for and recompensed for flights.  (2)
The timing is pivotal for second round bids.  NW CEDA is the last
chance for many teams to pick up good wins and head-to-head wins for
2nd round bid apps.  (3) its fun.  Thanks to everyone who made it
Samuel A. Maurer
Director of Debate
Emporia State University

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