[eDebate] Karl Rove's debate career

Mitchell, Gordon Roger gordonm
Wed Mar 5 01:18:33 CST 2008

While Karl Rove was in Pittsburgh Monday, I had a chance to discuss with him Moore and Slater's account of his early high school debating days at Olympus High in Utah. While Rove nodded vigorously during the time I was recounting Emil Langeland's quote in Bush's Brain about how Rove and him "went out and bought thousands of 4 X 6 index cards," trying to "psych out" opponents, even though there was "nothing on 99 percent of them," later he clarified that Emil was not his "real partner," and that he debated for two years with "Eric Dangerfield" (sp?) . . . Anyone know him?

At any rate, the visit provided some rich food for thought, some of which is still coming and may be relevant to the 2007-2008 NDT/CEDA topic area:


All of this may bring back memories for signatories of the 2003 Rove petition (which, by the way, was spot-on regarding Niger yellowcake and aluminum tubes far before the mainstream media eventually came around on the pre-war intelligence manipulation story):



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