Ruth Zisman ruth.zisman
Wed Mar 5 13:32:49 CST 2008

Unofficial Job Announcement: Director of Debate, Bard College

Having been awarded a full-time fellowship to pursue my PhD at NYU, I will
be leaving Bard at the end of this season; thus, Bard will be looking to
hire a new Director of Debate for Fall 2008. The director will be expected
to manage all aspects of the team (research/argument work, meetings/work
sessions, tournament logistics/travel, public debates on campus, etc.), to
work with both experienced and novice/JV debaters, and to travel to both
national and regional tournaments. This will be a full-time position.

The college is open to the idea of candidates with a BA only and also
candidates with an MA. For candidates with an MA, there may be additional
teaching opportunities available.

An official job announcement will be posted soon. In the meantime, please
email me at zisman at bard.edu if you think this is something you might be
interested in and/or if you have questions.
Ruth Zisman
Director of Debate
Bard College
zisman at bard.edu
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