[eDebate] 8 rounds judging of CEDA Nats

FijiPapabear at aol.com FijiPapabear
Thu Mar 6 13:19:23 CST 2008

Who is looking for a good judge willing to provide you with cheeky banter,  
an above average appearance (not George Clooney but I mean it is CEDA Nats), 
and  an educational experience for all parties involved.  
Unlike Peter Lawson I promise to show up showered, with clean clothes, and  
without a bench warrant for my arrest for that time at that place with you know 
Please this money is going towards bringing me back to the U.S. from my  
Mexican exile (really I have been living in Latin America since July).  
All interested parties should send me an email.  
Take care,

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