[eDebate] Prefs entry for CEDA Nats

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Thu Mar 6 16:39:48 CST 2008

Jon Bruschke has opened debateresults.com for the entry of prefs for CEDA Nationals.  The deadline for completion will be 2:00 PM on Thursday, March 20.

Since not all judge commitments have been finalized you will have to put the finishing touches on your rankings after the judging pool is frozen (probably Tuesday PM on Mar 18th).  But you can get a head start on the process by ranking the judges currently in the pool.  Changes in the pool will not "damage" your rankings.

One clarification about the ranking task.  The most simple way to rank the judges is to place them all in a continuous numerical order (1-xxx) with all of your constraints listed as 999.  But several teams might prefer to include ties within their rankings.  Ties ARE permissible but only if you assign all of the tied judges the top value of the range.  So for instance if you want judges 3-5 to all be tied, you can rank all three of them as 3 but you can't rank all three of them as 4 (the middle of the range) or all three of them as 5 (the bottom of the range).  The operative principle is that as you put the judges in order, NO judge can have a rank lower than the number of judges that you've ranked up to that point.

If you have questions about the ranking tools, ask Jon Bruschke.  If you have questions about the task or how the data will be used at CEDA Nats, ask me.


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