[eDebate] NDT Party

Josh Pang jpiddyedebate
Mon Mar 17 13:48:12 CDT 2008

The NDT party will, of course, have music that we can all get low, low,low, low, low, low, low to. The DJ we've hired has asked me to find outwhat song requests y'all have. The reason why we're doing this now isso that we'll have time to obtain some (perhaps) obscure songs andcreate a playlist.

Please be reasonable -- like i don't think she's gonna play anyParis Hilton songs, no matter how many times De-Lo passionatelyrequests it.

I'll need to give this list to her by this week, so **email your NDT party song requests to jshpang at gmail.com -- ASAP**

Thanks y'all,

Josh Pang
Fullerton '07

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