[eDebate] CEDA Nats -- Round for a Round promotion

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Mon Mar 17 15:23:58 CDT 2008

As you may or may not realize, the CEDA National Tournament requires a lot
of judges.  A lot.  Indeed, as of today we just narrowly have enough
committed rounds of judging to cover the tournament.

On top of that, debaters and coaches always hope to have their most
preferred judges.  But few take the time to remember that maximizing
preferred judges often requires having significantly MORE than the minimum
number of rounds judged.

CEDA could improve the overall prefs for everybody in the tournament if
judges would donate an extra round(s) of judging.  Every year many judges
donate extra rounds without reward and help the tournament run smoother.

This year I'm providing a small token of appreciation for judges donating
rounds to the tournament.  During registration there will be refreshments
and cash bars.  The crux of my "Round for a Round" initiative is that judges
who donate an extra round to the tournament will receive a ticket redeemable
for a drink at the bar.  I know that's not the going rate for a hired round
in this world, but it is a small token of appreciation for helping improve
the prefs and workability of the tournament as a whole.  The tickets aren't
unlimited so I'll be doing this as supplies last so if you think you want in
on this, register early, and of course I will only give tickets to judges
over 21 (which I would imagine is all of them, but I should provide that
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