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John Fritch john_fritch
Tue Mar 18 15:51:49 CDT 2008

Several announcements about the upcoming NDT.

All teams must provide 13 rounds of ?qualified? judging. In order to serve as a qualified judge at the NDT, the judge must have judged 12 or more debates on this year?s topic.

If you have not already done so, please enter your judges at www.debatersults.com. 

Judges covered by the ?Lupo? rule also should be entered on the web site. These are the people who are required to provide four rounds of service to the tournament because they are attending the tournament with squads. Some of these judges will be ?qualified? judges and others will have not judged 12 rounds on the topic.

If you are hiring judges from other schools, please indicate either on the entry form or by an email to me how your 13 rounds of judging for each team will be covered. If you do not do so, it will appear as if you are short on judging in your entry.

Please contact me either by email or on www.debateresults.com to identify those judges who have not judged 12 rounds on this year?s topic. This is more important than in past years. Please see number 8 below.

Please have all judging commitments entered by Thursday night.

You may begin filling out your judge preference sheets by using www.debateresults.com. Again this year, we will be using ordinal rankings of the judges. After receiving the ordinal rankings, they will be converted to 7 categories. We will require 36 or more units of judging in each of the top 5 categories. We will allow up to 40 units of strikes. All remaining judges will be placed in the ?6? category. You will want to re-check the preference sheets as judges are added to entries.

In the past, the judging preference sheet has had two parts. One for those judges covering teams and one for those judges who are not ?qualified? by having judged 12 rounds. This year, we will be combining those strike sheets into one strike sheet. We are doing this without changing the number of judges required in each category. Last year we required 36 units of ?1? judges; this year we required 36 units of ?1? judges. The result is that if you prefer a judge as a ?1? who has not yet judged 12 rounds on the topic, it will count toward your requirement of having 36 ?1? judges. In the past, it would not have done so. The effect will be that the ?6? category will be larger than in the past. While I do not promise that we will never use a ?6? judge, we try to avoid doing so if at all possible. Last year, we were able to use no ?6? judges. In addition, if a judge has not yet judged 12 rounds on the topic and they are in your ?6? category, we will work extra hard to ensure that these judges do not judge in your debates.

I will begin sending emails to directors about those judges who have not yet judged 12 rounds on Wednesday evening (tomorrow). Hopefully, this will help you to determine your ranking strategy. 
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