[eDebate] Hire Dan Faltesek for your NDT judging needs

Jane Munksgaard jane.munksgaard
Tue Mar 18 16:52:15 CDT 2008

Dan has 2 rounds (possibly more if the price is right) for hire at the
NDT. Hire him now and get yourself a fabulous free strike.

Backchannel him at dcFaltesek at hotmail.com

Dan's judging philosophy:

"The mid-1990s was the era of your so-called Third World War" -- Spock
(Space Seed)

"We simply must accept the fact that Captain Kirk is no longer alive"
-- Spock (The Tholian Web)

"In four hours the ship blows up" -- Scotty (The Savage Curtain)

These Star Trek quotes frame how I think about debate fairly
succinctly, debate is a performance that involves interesting issues
that are usually timely and interesting or some combination of the
two.  Your choices in debate are not just about what cards you read,
but what kinds of stories you want to perform.  Many common debate
stories include science fiction tales, thrillers like 24 or involved
serials like the West Wing.  You are not neutral in your choices about
how the stories in debate are written.

Stuff you need to know: Debate is about performance, although I am not
that linear I will protect the 2NR as best I can, Framework debates
should not focus on theory. Macro is more important then micro,
although some of the stock comparisons differ from debate to debate
you will find that macro level arguments tend to effectively handle
many arguments at a time through characterization and sorting
functions.   The offense-defense distinction is not distinct.  The
distinction protects bad arguments, challengers of this distinction
are often rewarded.  I rarely call evidence. Be willing to take a
position and defend it. I place a very high degree of importance on
narratives being coherent.  Your plot elements must be complete and
coherent to have a meaningful story that people engage.  This is not
to say that the Beat poets or other artistic innovators aren't great,
but that if your going to attempt to utilize these types of approaches
you really should do them well and coherently. If the debaters choose
not to discuss how the decision should be framed I will default to a
fairly standard policy making frame of reference.

Above all I appreciate debates where the participants are excited and
engaged with the material.  I would far rather hear a good prolif
debate or a politics disadvantage then a poorly performed critique.
Debate is great because you have an audience of at least three people
who care about what your saying.   I am here because I really enjoy
debate and think it is worthwhile, I hope you are too.

Daniel Faltesek
University of Iowa

Jane Munksgaard
University of Iowa

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