[eDebate] Pie specifics, please

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Wed Mar 19 12:58:30 CDT 2008

I am astounded at Megan Harlow's description of what happened. I have 
worked with Megan for years and know her to be a person very concerned 
with integrity and the welfare of the students she works with.

Diante, hang in there friend, this incident has proven your point in a 
very powerful fashion. I have been hearing about your advocacy and your 
passion for debate, and I admire your advocacy and the way you handled 
this unfortunate event.

I want to know some specifics:
1. The name of the student who threw the pie. Why did s/he think that 
was appropriate?
2. What school is that student from? I heard KCKCC.
3. What does the coach have to say? Chief? What do you have to say? I 
now understand you have made countercharges that Megan "coached" her 
student while out of the room. Shame. Can my students dump sewage on 
your students and then call them "cheaters" if they leave the room?
4. What did the tournament do?
5. Has there been an apology?
6. I heard that while a white student was speaking they pied the African 
American student who was not speaking. Is that true?

Megan told me a lot in her post. I have since discovered that the Kansas 
State team got to the final round. Congrats. I am not sure I would have 
been able to carry on after being pied in a situation like that. It 
certainly would have tested my avowed pacifism.

Time to name names and ask some questions. I am open to listening. But, 
based on what I know already it is going to have to be good.


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