[eDebate] White Supremacy(was pies).

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Mar 19 13:14:28 CDT 2008

Well i would suggest publicly that KCKCC not pref me this coming weekend.
And if they do i would suggest that anyone who debates them in front of me
call them out for this and make an argument about it...I like Tuna would be
willing to listen, though what i have seen so far indicates that this was a
straight act of white suprmacy at first inflicting symbolic violence on
those who may try to challenge the racial ordering of teh status quo. Then
in the typical community protection of the individuals involved...i hate
that..someone did something reprehensible and then we don't talk about them
in order to have ideal abstract discussions...thats another way we ensure
this type of thing continues...we can always say there are racists and white
supremacists but they are not we....nor people we know....of course it could
be that the debaters that did the pying where not the beneficiaries of such
a white supramcists system, but then again that context to is left out when
we are willing to hermetically seal the debate round and pretend that it is
neither pushed by or pushing toward a larger systematic problem...r
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