[eDebate] Graduate Assistantship in Miami

Steinberg, David L dave
Wed Mar 19 14:51:16 CDT 2008

The University of Miami is still searching for a graduate assistant debate coach for next year.  We have a generous assistantship package
from the University, which pays full tuition and a $15,000 stipend. There are no teaching requirements, only working with the team and
traveling to tournaments.

The assistantship covers any program in the School of Communication. Interested applicants can pursue degrees in:

M.A. TV Broadcast Journalism
M.A. Communication Studies
M.A. Print Journalism
M.F.A. Motion Picture Production
M.F.A. Motion Picture Producing
M.F.A. Screenwriting
M.A. Periodismo
M.A. Public Relations
M.A. Film Studies

The assistantship package is really good for grad students, the team is fun and enjoyable and the location is ideal.  Miami is a truly
unique and exciting place to live - there is never a dull moment.

Interested applicants should email Dave Steinberg at dave at miami.edu<mailto:dave at miami.edu>. For questions about the position, you can also email the team's
current graduate assistants John Prieur at johnprieur at gmail.com<mailto:johnprieur at gmail.com>,Kenny McCaffrey at kmccaffrey at gmail.com<mailto:kmccaffrey at gmail.com>, or Nicole Richter at nrichter at umsis.miami.edu<mailto:nrichter at umsis.miami.edu>.

Technically, the application deadline has already passed.  The team does have some influence in continuing to accept applications, but you
should apply soon to ensure that you are considered.  Even if your application is not quite ready, email Dave Steinberg now to alert him
of your interest.

And, talk to us at CEDA Nats!
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