[eDebate] Graduate Assistantship Opportunities at Cal State Northridge - Come be a Matador!

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Thu Mar 20 14:40:46 CDT 2008


Thinking about graduate school?  Do you love sunshine and beautiful weather
all year round?  Then have I got the deal for you!  The Communication
Studies department at California State University Northridge, located in the
heart of the beautiful San Fernando Valley, is still accepting applications
for their M.A. in Communication Studies program, and we would love to have a
couple of debate T.A.s in that mix.

CSUN offers paid forensics Teaching Assistantships to students in our
Masters program.  This *includes *health insurance in addition to your
stipend.  We currently have 2 individual events TAs and are primarily
looking for debate assistants.  Forensics TAs teach two classes in addition
to helping out with the forensics program.  We compete in all 11 AFA-NIET
individual events and policy debate.  We have traditionally had a regional
travel schedule, with a couple of national tournaments.  Our debaters are
enthusiastic and committed to doing well, in addition to being great to work

The Communication Studies department at CSUN is both supportive of
forensics, and provides a quality academic environment.  Graduate students
can focus in rhetorical studies, cultural studies, communication theory,
performance studies, or language studies.  The faculty is energetic and
committed to student success. CSUN itself is a learning centered university,
making education its top priority.  We offer a choice between thesis or
comprehensive exams as a culminating experience.  Our graduates frequently
continue on to other graduate work

While the deadline has technically passed, we are still accepting
applications.  If you are interested, please submit an application packet as
soon as possible.  You can find all of the required materials on our website
at http://www.csun.edu/CommunicationStudies/master_of_arts.htm.  For more
information on assistantships, or general questions about our program,
department, or university, please don't hesitate to contact me.


John M. Kephart III

Lecturer, Director of Forensics
Communication Studies Department
California State University - Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge CA, 91330-8257
818-677-3043 (office)

"Often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and never even
know we have the key" - Glen Fry
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