James Maritato james.maritato
Tue Mar 25 00:48:36 CDT 2008

Dear Deven, Dayvon, Beth, Andy, Chris, Shawntia, and the rest of the Towson
Tigers (because writing all of your names takes two pages because there are
like a billion of you)

       You are my personal debate superheroes.  It has been a blessing to
see your whole squad debate at the top of their game on so many weekends
this season, and to see you all pour out so much love for this activity both
when debating and when helping to foster urban debate at the BCDs.  It was a
privilege to share so many positive experiences with you all throughout the

       But thank you most to Deven and Dayvon for allowing me to make an ass
of myself in airports and on planes cheering for you from afar.  Somewhere
in the USA, the people who saw me jumping up and down in terminal C of the
St. Louis airport after your sems round are wondering how that fat kid they
saw could jump so high.  I could only be happier for you if I could have
been there to see the last two rounds go down.  :-)

      Much love from your Red Fox compatriots!
W0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t!  Rock it in Cali!

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