[eDebate] Thanks, Mid-America Region

Michael Souders micksouders
Tue Mar 25 14:28:40 CDT 2008

First off, I'd like to offer my congratulations to 2008 CEDA National
Champions, Towson University.  My knowledge of CEDA history only goes back
to the late 1990s, but I think that Towson's run is probably one of the most
remarkable in CEDA history.  And congratulations to "D7," although I might
be a bit of stickler in pointing out that in CEDA, Towson resides in the
Mid-Atlantic Region.  So congratulations Mid-Atlantic.

Second, I think the CEDA organization and Jeff Jarman deserve a huge amount
of credit for running an awesome tournament.  Nicely done.

But the point of this message is to thank the Mid-America region.  I suppose
it's obvious to everyone that Fort Hays, Missouri State, Kansas, and Wichita
bore the entirety of the Towson run to the title.  However, in was through
that process that I, an outsider, a debate nomad without much of a claim to
a home region or district, finally felt like a part of the
Mid-America/District III region.  Some of the greatest debaters in the
country reside here, in the MA/D3, and for the last three days this group
felt like a community, like a family.

I remarked to another coach here at KU during the quarterfinals that I
really hoped Fort Hays won their debate (no offense Towson) because,
"They're crazy, but they're OUR crazy." (no offense Fort Hays).   This was
followed by hearing about Martin's comment about BJ in Martin and Clay's
semifinal debate, a compliment to a defeated adversary that I thought was
incredibly classy.

We are all competitors.  We all want to win.  If Missouri State, Fort Hays,
Wichita, and everyone else in MA/D3 wasn't plotting our demise in every
debate I'd be severely disappointed.  But competitors, coaches, DEBATERS
isn't all we are.  If our region can agree on anything, it's that we can't
be reduced to just that?we aren't just competition machines without
individual identity.  Thank you, MA/D3.   It was fun.

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