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omar guevara oguevara
Wed Mar 26 00:15:42 CDT 2008

Canine Domesticus.
Friend of the army.  
Sniffs and listening, well ahead of the advancing column.
Disarms traps, sensing ambushes.
Strong legs. Long journey. Hopeless at first.
Finally, the sun sets. Victory secured. Enemies vanquished.
The empire?s most honored shock troops shocked.
A long day - the moon ascends.
The ears always attuned. The unmistakable echo of battle.
But how can this be, growling dog? Did you not do you job?
Luna. Lunatic. Werewolves run amuck.
Howl in anger. Whimper in sadness.
The army marches again. Always marching to the next battle.
The dog no longer in front sniffing. But behind the advancing column, sniffiling.
Nipping at the soldier?s heels, growling. 
And the day?s battle brings another route.
Empire crumbles to a fiefdom.
The moon ascends again.
No werewolves this time.
Just the unnerving echoes of a constant howling.
The soldiers confidently reassure themselves that tomorrow will bring another victory.
But it sure would be nice to get a good night?s sleep.
Damn canines. Who needs them?
But the dog smiles.
No longer in the lap. Friend of no man.
Free to be a canine.

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