[eDebate] NDT Announcements-Tuesday night

John Fritch john_fritch
Wed Mar 26 01:09:05 CDT 2008

Please enter your judge preference forms. The preferences should be entered at www.debateresults.com. At 11 am Pacific on Thursday, internet entry of judge preferences will be disabled. At that time, we will download the judging data that teams have entered. You will be asked to enter the preferences using ordinal rankings. The rankings will then be converted to 7 categories. I have emailed directors more information about the strike sheets previously.
Please make any changes to your judging commitments by 3 pm Pacific on Wednesday. At that time, I will lock the web site to prevent further entry changes. If you have changes after that time, please contact me directly. My email is john.fritch at uni.edu. In addition, you may reach me at the tournament hotel. Ask for the room of John Fritch.
On Thursday at 1 pm, strike sheets will be available for your verification. As a reminder, we do not accept strike sheets until they have been verified. A representative of the team will need to sign the strike sheet.
The following judges have NOT judged 12 rounds. They are on the strike sheet. This year, we are leaving them on the strike sheet, but we are NOT increasing the required numbers of judges in each category. The effect is that if you refer an ?unqualified? judge with fewer than 12 rounds, it reduces the number of ?qualified? judges you need to prefer. It does NOT require you to prefer the judges with fewer than 12 rounds. If you do not wish to have the unqualified judges, they should be in the 7 or 6 category. We will make particular efforts to avoid placing unqualified judges who are in the 6 and 7 categories.
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