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Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu Jacob.Thompson
Wed Mar 26 17:24:22 CDT 2008

Travis "grandpa" Cochran, a current UNLV debater and former assistant 
coach at The Meadows School in Las Vegas from 2002-2005, is looking to 
hire himself out for the 2008 NFL National Tournament in Las Vegas. 

Travis has been a successful national circuit high school coach.  He has 
coached teams that reached the outrounds of, and won speaker awards at, 
major national tournaments including Berkeley, The Glenbrooks, MBA, and 
Greenhill, as well as third speaker at the 2005 NFL Nationals, held in 

Travis is willing to be a "full-service" employee.   He will cut cards, 
coach teams, and judge rounds.  He can also give craps and sports betting 
lessons (but only if you're of legal gambling age). 

Please do not reply to me on this email.... If interested, travis can be 
reached by email at tdubcochran at aol.com


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