[eDebate] Wetern Novice & JV Nationals results

F M fcmnyc
Mon Mar 10 15:30:00 CDT 2008

Programs should consider adding this tournament to their list of
tournaments for next year.

Kristen and the Sac State group went above and beyond to make The
Coalition's trip to Cali as smooth as possible.  They used their school van
to haul us not only to and from the tournament , but to dinner and a few
errands we needed.

The hotel was one of the nicest we've stayed in all year and at a rate lower
than any we've paid all year.   The flights were reasonable and the airport
is very close to campus.  The schedule allowed us to enjoy some time seeing
Sacramento and also to visit friends and relatives in the area.  The rounds
were all held in two buildings that were less than 100 yards apart and the
weather was in the low 70s the whole time we were there.

Thank you again Kristen for your hospitality and flexibility and we will
definitely be coming back next year , with hopefully more teams and we hope
others throughout the country will join us.

Frank Montano
NY Coalition

On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 8:36 PM, Tudor, Kristen H <sac36967 at saclink.csus.edu>

> Congratulations to this year's champs, Southwestern (novice) and
> California (jv).
> Finals:
> Novice:  Southwestern PP over SFSU AV 3-0
> JV: Cal LN over New School AP 2-1
> Semi Finals:
> JV:
> Cal LN over Cal GP
> New School AP over Pepperdine FK (3-0)
> Novice:
> Southwestern over New School (2-1)
> SFSU over Los Rios (2-1)
> Quarter Finals:
> Novice:
> Southwestern PP over Chico FC (3-0)
> SFSU AV over Sacramento LP (3-0)
> Los Rios BC over Chico LRE (3-0)
> New School GI over Sacramento Pw (3-0)
> JV:
> New School AP over Pepperdine MW (2-1)
> CAL LN over ASU DK (2-1)
> CAL GP over Southwestern BF (3-0)
> Pepperdine FK over CSUN AC (2-1)
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