[eDebate] Pie-Throwing in Debate

bandana martin drmosbornesq
Mon Mar 17 22:13:18 CDT 2008

if everyone just met the goddamn topic np

On 3/17/08, M G <malgorthewarrior at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Behaviors which belittle, degrade,
> demean, or otherwise dehumanize others are not in the best interest of
> the activity because they interfere with the goals of education and
> personal growth."
> that phrase is very subjective and could potentially encompass a wide
> range actions and words.  especially with the proliferation of leftist
> arguments that greatly widen the scope of what is dehumanizing discourse.
> so where do you draw the line between something as competitive argument
> and something as personally dangerous.
> i have no idea.
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