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Martin Harris mharris02
Fri Mar 21 20:22:14 CDT 2008

   I honestly don't get the debate. Seriously. Hitting someone with a pie without their consent is assault, it is a CRIME, and with exception to the fact that we may respect each other enough to negotiate that error and mistaken judgment without police intervention, that occurs at the grace, and only the grace, of the victim. This isn't argument. I don't care what literature exists. It is a violation of the victims trust, and can be varyingly traumatic. Physical contact, non consensually, between debaters, is and to the best I can think of always should be rejected. Period, not up for discussion. I haven't heard anyone argue big dick asteroids (patriarchy good ? nukes which can kill asteroids) since Nessa Horewitch dismissed the argument in Doubles at CEDA Nationals about 8 years ago with I won't justify that with a response.

   I am not calling for harassment against pie throwers. I don't think pie throwing is necessarily unforgivable. That is between the pie thrower and the person hit. Likewise, if you want to pie you partner, and you all work it out ahead of time, other than not seeing how it answers the topic, whatever floats your boat. But I don't see the difficulty in this one at all. The core minimum of a community norm seems simple. You may not touch your opponent in any way without prior invitation or consent. If that is violated, people should have to deal with the consequences. You are responsible for the consequences of the choice of your actions.


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