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The size and scope of debate changed long before debates began about racism in CEDA/NDT.  That claim is easily verifiable.  People leave for a lot of reasons.  That said,  perhaps we should consider making changes that address those reasons. 
Funny, it's too bad Bob doesn't engage the entire history of how we got to CEDA/NDT racist types of argumentation.  The good old days of topic throw downs that he remembers are the days of counter plans with little net benefits and theory debates with little resemblance to the real world issues that weren't getting debated on topics.  Tight strategies may or may not have anything to do with the topic.  Meatballs weren't just a sandwich at Subway, but a way of life in the 1980's version of the NDT.  Big generic war and environment impacts threw aside the real people issues of the topic.
Bob, casting aspersions against one group of extremists to justify and support another does nothing to get at the heart of the problem.  But that's just my humble opinion...
Which side are YOU on? Perhaps an effort to find an honest, balanced discussion of the truth could be a first step in moving towards real change....Critical thought good Bob...
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I have to agree with Ede. I think that the policy debate I was so heavily involved in IS diminishing in size and stature. 
The WHY is what I am more interested in. I got no stats or facts to back me up, just my opinion of why.
Quite simply, debate has become boring. Boring as hell. 
Debating about racism in CEDA/NDT may raise our social consciousness, but I don't find it very entertaining or exciting. Sure, others might, and they will likely be the last ones standing when my view of debate dies out. If that's what they want, and if that's what they want to debate, then they are welcome to it. No hard feelings.
People have been leaving policy debate for several years now, and I think it is because debate is no longer fun. We don't have nearly as many topic throw downs, but instead have to watch mock rapes, listen to endless rounds of how capitalism is bad, listen to a bunch of silly post modern gobbledy-guk that almost no one really understands, and listen to how debate is racist. That simply is NOT what I signed on for. It's not fun. It's not entertaining. It's boring.
I could be wrong, but this is why I think people are leaving policy debate. It's one of the main reasons I'm not as involed as I used to be. It will be one of the main reasons I leave. 
Bob Lechtreck
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