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Hi, Oh..two clarifications:
  I love policy debate and will fight like mad to preserve it, 300+ delivery speeds and all. I'm taking a year off coaching to travel Virginia next year, especially out to rural Virginia, to convince teachers and kids that policy is worth it. I'm not comdemning policy or hoping it goes away. I think every forensics program should commit to offering all the events, as long as there are kids who want to take part in them! I think if people want the format where 300+ is good and fun and exciting (and it is) then it should be there. But, perhaps we should offer other formats of policy debate to include kids who wouldn't feel comfortable in that environment (perhaps a form based on slower speed with persuasion being part of hte ballot? Perhaps a form predicated on the hurling of pastery items? I don't know..just different things.. I mean..IE can do it with HI, DI, Duo, POI, Prose, Poetry - it's all interp, just different forms..why not policy debate in some different forms?)
  Secondly - I agree with Mr. Russel, speed is only one factor in the demise of this activity. Costs, both travel and hosting, are rising, othe pressures consume kids - the point of my post was not to put the blame squarely on speed, but to say that speed certainly played a factor in the decline given the statistcal drop offs at the period where speed rose.
  It's a complex problem. I hope my trip around the Commonwealth next year gives me some insights.

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