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Matthew Nguyen something_something6
Sun Mar 23 19:33:28 CDT 2008

Sorry for the hold up. I copy/pasted what I wrote down
on my flow template. If you need full cites let me
know and I can send it to you. 

Ob 1: SQ

1.5 refugees into syria face humanitarian consequences
from US invasion lead to cripple syria's
Amnesty Intl 07

palestinian refugees face a uniquely devastating
situation as consequence of iraq war
ziadah 07

stay in iraq and face violence rape kidnapping, and
amnesty international 2007


flee to refugee camps where they are prisoners
ziadah 07

syria willingness to cooperate and deal with this
crisis is undermined by current us policies
moustapha 07

US must talk about regional issues first
CBS News 07

The United States Federal government should increase
its constructive
 engagement with the government of Syria by
participating in open
 dialogue with them regarding the extent and nature of
the Iraqi refugee crisis, Palestinian refugees fleeing
Iraq and their entry to Syria and a full package of
regional issues of concern to the Syrian government. 
In addition, the United States Federal government will
offer substantially increased foreign assistance to
Syria, $250 million, to assist Syria with the Iraqi
refugee population.

OB 2: Solvency

syria has aked for 250 mill in US assistance
hasting 07

US k to provide financial assitance to syria in
addition to holding a particular responsibilty for
causing their displacement
UCCB 2007

syria waiting for dialogue with US
Reuters 06

political dialogue is key
Moustapha 07

syrian govt needs money to allow entry for
refugee intl 06

US holds moral responsibility to assist refugee crisis
and needs to act immediately
HRW 07

ADV 1: Sex Trafficking

Iraqi refugees resort to prostitution from lack of
financial resources
Schlein 2007

50000 iraqi refugees in syria  turn to prosutiton as a
result of iraq war
hassan 07

iraqi refugees forced into prostition compare sex
trafficking to rape and a state of living death
palmer 07

ADV 2: Mental Health

refugees in syria face severe psychological trauma as
a result of the iraq war which stem purely from lack
of funding
Abouzeid 2007

collective experience of war targets the social fabric
in which the indivudals who experience these traumatic
events resort to prostitution substance abuse and
summerfiled 2000

we must go beyond traditional methods to syria will
address the structural causes of psychological
disorders and put human rights before geopolitical
summerfield 2000

OB 3: Habitable Worlds

examination of the refugee brings the questions of
what is human to the forefront of political life. We
must shift away from the calculative def of modernity
in order to remove the political abjection in the form
of the refugees
Dillon 99

refugee reveals the possibility of a berderless
democratic politics
dillon 99

inclusive/exclusive ideology inherent in nation-state
territorialization perpetuates the political
conditions that allow for interstate violence. Our
discussion on refugees is paramount to rupture these
notions and to challenge modern political discourse
dillon 99

refugee brings the question of home to the forfront of
dillon 99

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