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Maggie Berthiaume maggiekb
Thu Mar 27 12:16:31 CDT 2008

Lexington High School announces an opening for Debate Teacher and  
Director of Debate for the 2008-2009 school year.  Lexington is a  
public school in Lexington, MA.

The team currently has 100 students in policy and LD.  The debate  
teacher would be responsible for teaching, coaching policy and LD  
with the help from an assistant, coordinating tournament travel for  
local and regional tournaments, and running the Lexington tournament  
in January.

Unlike many other debate teaching jobs, the Lexington program  
involves teaching only debate classes (not history or English, for  
example).  This is a great benefit for scheduling trips and planning  
and allows the teacher to work with the students during the day.

The job includes a substantial stipend for the head coach.

I have held this job for two years and would recommend it  
enthusiastically.  The students are outstanding and the parents are  
incredibly supportive.  There is always a waiting list for the novice  
class as so many students want to join the program.  The parents  
independently fundraise a substantial portion of the travel budget.   
Other teachers at Lexington are highly supportive of the debate team.

Lexington also has an opening for an additional assistant coach.   
That individual would teach classes in the history department and  
possibly 1-2 classes of debate as well as some travel.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at  
maggiekb at gmail.com or Michael Antonucci (the current assistant coach)  
at antonucci23 at gmail.com.  I'm happy to answer anything people want  
to know about this job.  It has been a pleasure to work at Lexington.

To apply for either position, please contact Rob Collins (Social  
Studies Department Head) at rcollins at sch.ci.lexington.ma.us.

Maggie Berthiaume

Maggie Berthiaume
Director of Debate
Lexington High School
maggiekb at gmail.com

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