[eDebate] NDT doubles pairings

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Mon Mar 31 12:18:49 CDT 2008

below, I'm stating what I believe to be the results. not totally certain 
though except the whitman one.

martin osbourne was the top speaker

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu

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Thanks to folks who sent them along. Here's what I received:

Advance without a debate: Emory HW, Harv AM, Mich FK, WGa LS
491 Dar KO wins MSU AW/Stables, Ramachandrappa, Blank, Arnette, Lacy
408 Cal BP wins v. GSt GL/ANtonunccio, Koehle, Harrigan, Klinger, Green
457 Harv RW v. USC LS wins/Holbrook, Hall, Smith, Reed, Morales
468 KS BJ wins V. Ok FW/McBride, mUrillo, foy, Greenstein, Hester
442 Mo St MM wins on a 3-2 v. Whit CS/Powers, kall, dehrke, hoe, Gonzales
465 A: Mo st OW wins v. Towson CL/Gordon, Jordan, Buntin, Russell, Varda
438 NW FW v. KY GT/Frappier, Stahl, Strauss, Smith, Yates
406 Tx TW v. MSU EL wins on a 3-2/Achison, Richendorfer, Crowe, Lee, Jarman
464 USC JJ wins v. Emory MS/Matheson, Repko, C Burke, Achten, Harris
463 Gonz BS wins v. Wake CC/Stevenson, Feldman, Clark, CHesnut, V Guevara
487 Wake GL v. UCO CE/Morris, Hill, Heidt, Lain, Pointer
404 Wyo CJ v. KS JS/Phillips, Galloway, Strange, Maurer, Taylor
All spellings approximate

Doyle Srader
Assistant Professor of Speech and Communication
Northwest Christian College

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