[eDebate] Kansas State Coaching Additions and Thanks

Justin Green jmgreen
Mon May 5 12:35:15 CDT 2008

The Wildcats are excited to welcome three new faces to Manhattan next year.

Jeff Roberts will be an Assistant Director of Debate.  We appreciated the
pool of very qualified applicants.  We look forward to Jeff's experience and
strategy.  His previous debaters had nothing but positive things to say
about him and we are all excited about him coming to Manhattan.

We also would like to publicly welcome graduate assistants: Halli Tripe
(Baylor) - thank goodness, I don't think that KSU has ever defeated her.....
and Natalie Pennington (Mo State) - who was already an honorary coach given
the number of times she judged K-State the past year.  We look forward to
hearing her advice more often.

And thank you - to Max Archer for the two years of hard work and selfless
dedication to success.  Max you are a big reason that KSU debate has had
increasing success over the past two years.  Your strategic presense will be
missed; you always have a place as part of the KSU family.

A quick plug: KSU will have 1-2 GTA spots for the 2009-10 year, if you are
interested, please let anyone on our squad know.


Justin Green, Megan Harlow, Sarah Snider, Dan Stout and KSU Debaters
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