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Mon May 5 14:01:38 CDT 2008

Job Description and Application Information

The National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL) is working with local partners across the country to create new Urban Debate Leagues (UDLs) and to strengthen existing ones.  A critical component of these efforts is to select a League Director for each local league.  As such, the NAUDL and its partners -- local UDL advisory boards of directors -- are accepting applications for League Director positions in a series of cities:  Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, St. Louis and Boston.

Job Description

These League Directors will be the principal programmatic and administrative agent of each UDL.  They will be responsible for three main areas:  The programmatic, developmental, and administrative work of the league. 

?	Undergo and effectively respond to advance and on-going training in the NAUDL Best Practices approach for UDL programmatic development and sustainability;  
?	Prepare the curriculum for and conduct all trainings for Coaches, Students, Judges, and volunteers in the relevant UDL; 
?	Provide on-going training, assistance, and support to local UDL Coaches through phone, email, and in-person meetings; 
?	Conduct approximately three site visits per week at local schools to provide support, modeling, and training to coaches and debaters; 
?	Complete reporting forms for all site visits, trainings, and tournaments; 
?	Build engagement, investment, and ownership of teachers, coaches, and school district administrators in the UDL;
?	Promote and effect high attendance at trainings, and track participation; 
?	Establish operational procedures for UDL Tournaments, including for   Announcements, Registration, Tab Room, Judge Table, the Awards Ceremony, etc.; and
?	Direct the local UDL summer debate institute.

?	Identify, develop relationships with, and activate additional local stakeholders and strategic partner entities to expand the efficacy of the local UDL Advisory Board; 
?	Help coordinate local UDL events that cultivate local support, raise money, and recruit volunteers;  
?	Develop promotional materials and opportunities for the relevant UDL; and 
?	Submit letters, applications, grants, and reports to advance the Advisory Board?s fund-raising objectives.


?	Regularly report to the local UDL Advisory Board in both writing and orally, and  meet regularly with the local UDL Advisory Board Chair by phone or in person; 
?	Regularly report to and work cooperatively with the local school district(s) on implementation, and regularly meet by phone or in-person with the school district administrator who supervises the UDL;  
?	Manage the local UDLs financial records, including of expenses, revenues, deposits, and withdrawals;  and 
?	Track and monitor UDL performance, including the programmatic inputs (student participants, teacher involvement, contact/training hours, debate programming) and outputs (graduation rates, college matriculation, grade-point average, standardized test scores, attendance, and specific performance assessments).


?	B.A. or higher degree; 
?	Ownership of a vehicle and/or willingness to ride public transportation to high schools and other sites; 
?	Willingness to work evenings/weekends where necessary ? total working hours will be 40-50, but hours will not always be ?9 to 5?;   
?	Willingness and ability to be trained in the NAUDL?s Best Practices approach for UDLs and capacity for executing said approach; 
?	Experience in the non-profit sector, preferably in education;  
?	Experience in urban education ? non-profit, administrative, or classroom ? is a plus; 
?	Experience in current high school cross-examination policy debate is a significant plus; 
?	Capacity to negotiate effectively with diverse institutions and individuals ? e.g. urban school systems, local high school debate leadership, law firms and corporations, local UDL Advisory Board members, and universities; and 
?	Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. 

Additional Information

Compensation will vary by city, and will be commensurate with experience.  Benefits will be folded into a single overall compensation figure.  

Candidates must currently live in, or be willing to relocate to, the UDL location for which they are applying.  

Candidates passing an initial screening will be interviewed by the relevant UDL Advisory Board with support from the NAUDL. 

It is the policy of the NAUDL and all of the UDL Advisory Boards to provide employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex) as required by law. 

Submit your c.v. and a cover letter, via email and U.S. Mail to:

Anthony Jardina
332 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 500
Chicago, IL   60604
(e) jobs at urbandebate.org

Please be sure to specify the city or cities for which you are applying for the League Director post:  Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, St. Louis and/or Boston.

Please do not phone regarding this position.  Questions may be sent to: jobs at urbandebate.org.

Thank you for your interest.  

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