[eDebate] Make Money Doing Easy Research

Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Mon May 5 20:04:43 CDT 2008

Do you want to make more money? Sure we all do.

For a limited time only, you (a debater, debate coach or "other") on summer
break, with spare time on your hands, can make $8 an hour researching phone
numbers and addresses using basic internet tools. Work from home!

Boring? Yes. Painfully so. Good money for easy work that can be done in
front of the TV in the summer or while listening to your favorite rock band
of choice? Damn straight.

Backchannel for more details. I need this work done for one of my political

Looking for folks to get started ASAP...  it's not a gig that will last more
than a little while, unless I need more extended help. (A real possibility)
I'm looking for several people.

This is a perfect way for Asst. Coaches, with spare time before all the
camps get started, to make some really easy fast cash.

Steve D'Amico

Spider Debate
GW Colonial Ex-Patriot
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