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Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Thu May 8 05:37:26 CDT 2008

There is plenty of lit comparing bilateral security coop to multilateral
security coop or unilateral security. Calum posted some awhile back. There
is more in the most recent reply to Dylan's impressive 30 minutes of
research that undergirds your arguments. Security cooperation largely evades
these "corner of the topic" type affs, as previously pointed out, by
providing a narrow, but roomy enough portion of the lit. The requirement
that the plan be bilateral filters many more. Many of the corner of the
topic affs would be best done unilaterally. Finding a warrant for both
Russian and US involvement is a strong enough barrier to the "unbeatable"
affs you talk about. If not, put your money where your mouth is and produce
one. For someone so long on his push for others to provide evidence, you've
done not much but prattle on and scaremonger about the most well-researched
of topics.

The election isnt likely to affect any topic more than any other. It's
incredibly unlikely any candidate does any of the topics' major mechanics
before next April.

The global UQ question is still to this day nonsense. The only evidence
produced on this question was decimated within 3 minutes of its being
posted. Again, put up or shut up.

Security cooperation isnt the only term worthy of consideration; it is,
however, the best produced so far. It's a definable budget category with a
limited list of known mechanisms which have fallen into disrepair in the
post-9-11 Iraq budget crunch. Im certain that the TC will remain committed
to examining other viable options, including lists, in the run up to the
final wording ballot.

If you are trying to work some type of bayou reverse magic on the Russia
topic by pre-declaring its victory, I would encourage you to stop. Putin
frowns on the mystic arts. He will judo your ass. We've all seen the video
(and if you haven't, check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdXwu2MXR_s).
Consider that Contention 4 -- Putin will kill you.


P.S. What the hell does critical animal studies have to do with decreasing
ag subsidies? Maybe Im missing something. The topic area is, as far as I can
tell, not "Resolved: Ag...should we have it?".
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