[eDebate] CEDA Business--President's Call

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu May 8 17:11:56 CDT 2008

Greetings Debate Community!

We are just a few short weeks away from the CEDA Summer/Business Meeting and the CEDA Topic Committee Meeting in Dallas.  I hope you can join us in person or via the web.

This email is to solicit some information, especially from thos planning to attend.  Please reply and let me know if you would please:

1.  If you are coming and who all is coming with you.  UTD will be providing some amenities and this can help them and us prepare.

2.  If you have Business items for the CEDA Business Mtg, please let me know those items.

3.  If you are currently Chairing or serving on a Committee and prefer to be replaced, please let me know.  If you want to remain a Committee Chair, please let me know that as well.  If you would like to volunteer for committee work, I definitely would love to know that.

4.  If you are currently a Regional Rep, please let me know.  We need to update the website.  I also need to know who to contact.  If you are a Regional Rep and not attending, please let me know asap and let me know if you have a sub coming in your place for the EC meeting.

5.  If you have a paper or presentation to make, I need to know that so we can set time aside for that panel presentation.  We have found this a good way to help people secure funding for the meetings, since academic presentations will be made.

We are currently setting the agenda.  One issue I hope to explore in detail is the Conference Proposal that Jeff Jarman submitted to the membership last November.  This would functionally eliminate all current "Regions" and replace our structure with self-selected Conferences.  I expect this to be a healthy discussion at the meetings.  If you have opinions, please share them with me or a representative if you cannot make the meeting.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing many of you in Dallas!



Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
CEDA President
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