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Massey, Jackie B. debate
Fri May 9 09:45:18 CDT 2008

Hello Community,

Whenever I left vermont six years ago to care for my father I was not sure where my life was taking me.  After arriving in Oklahoma and spending a year here, I was contacted about interest in starting a debate team at the University of Oklahoma. I remember when i graduated high school, I wanted to go to OU of course, since I was a Sooner fan for a long time.  Jamelle Holloway, Billy Sims and Thomas Lott.  The Boz and many others.  In 1987 policy/two person NDT CEDA debate was cancelled at OU.  In 2003 we started our program and received a substantial amount of help and support from the debate community in being able to partiicpate at a rather high degree of success.  When I created my initial proposal at OU, I sold the program based upon participation and not success. My initial proposal had a vision of a 280K per year debate program.  My proposal also included a desire to acquire endowments.  There are many individuals who I need to thank that have played a critical role in our accomplishments.  There are four that come to mind immmediately.  Denise Davick, Sarah Steece, Blake Johnson and Conor Cleary.    I also want to thank and congratulate Jason Russell and Brian Campbell, who both carry the same dreams and hopes for debate at the University of Oklahoma.  We have had over 70 students travel and participate for OU over the past five years, all of you have played an important role in this accomplishement.

For all of you in the debate community from Oklahoma, and who have always cherished the debate tradition that our state has been willing to offer, I am proud to announce that we have acquired a substantial amount of endowments that will ensure that for all high schoolers who have a desire to attend the University of Oklahoma, debate will be there waiting for them.  For all those Conor Clearys who would have never debated in college because they were going to OU, debate or not, DEBATE WILL BE AT OU FOREVER.





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             CONTACT:  OU Public Affairs, (405) 325-1701

                NORMAN ? One of the largest gifts in University of Oklahoma history ? a $12.5 million commitment from Aubrey K. McClendon and his wife, Kathleen B. McClendon ? will fund various academic and athletics projects at OU, President David L. Boren announced today.
The donation from the McClendons will benefit OU?s Honors College and the OU Debate Program, and it will also fund two new major athletic capital projects ? the OU Boathouse on the Oklahoma River just south of downtown Oklahoma City and a new housing facility east of the Gaylord Family ? Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman for students and student-athletes.
?This gift from Aubrey and Katie McClendon is remarkable in its breadth and its depth,? Boren said.  ?The contribution reaches across many areas of our University and in each area it makes an important and meaningful difference.  The University of Oklahoma is deeply grateful to Aubrey and Katie and we look forward to getting under way on the following initiatives:
?  $5.5 million to endow the OU Honors College, including support for Study Abroad Scholarships, the OU Debate Program and a new endowed chair in Energy Policy.  The gift also will fund three new endowed chairs established as part of a new Institute focused on the historic and political roots of the American Constitution and our form of government.
In recognition of this gift, the Honors College will be named for Aubrey?s parents, Joe C. McClendon (BBA ?51) and Carole Kerr McClendon (BA ?53).  In addition, the OU Debate Program in the Honors College will be named for Shannon T. Self (BBA ?79), a longtime friend and colleague of Aubrey?s and a founding director of Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
?         $5.0 million to support a new residential facility for students and student-athletes adjacent to the Gaylord Family ? Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.
?  $2.0 million to help build the OU Boathouse on the Oklahoma River just south of downtown Oklahoma City.  This gift, along with University funding, will help OU build a state-of-the-art boathouse facility for its new women?s varsity rowing team and for the men?s rowing club on Boathouse Row, just east of the Chesapeake Boathouse.?
Aubrey K. McClendon remarked, ?Katie and I are pleased to be able to lend support to these various initiatives at the University of Oklahoma.  We are very supportive of President Boren?s drive to continue improving OU both academically and athletically.  I am especially excited about naming the Debate Program in honor of my good friend Shannon Self, a former OU debate team member and my most trusted business advisor for the past 25 years.
In addition, my mother and father were both excellent students at OU, and I have always admired my father for working his way through OU with a beginning stake of only $5 and also taking time off twice from his schooling to serve his country in World War II and in the Korean War.  My mother was active in several leadership organizations, most notably serving as President of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority her senior year in 1952-53.  I hope that future students at OU?s Honors College will aspire to live as successfully as my parents have ? I am very proud of them and grateful for their enormous influence on my life.?

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