[eDebate] Question regarding reparations topic in relation to the ballot

Adrienne F. Brovero adri.debate
Sat May 10 19:52:12 CDT 2008

Hi -

Am I reading the topic committee's report correctly that a reparations topic
would be limited to only the 2 circumstances designated in their report -
i.e. transatlantic slavery and indigenous dispossession - as opposed to the
numerous circumstances identified in the topic paper (there was a list
inclusive of those 2, but named half a dozen others)?

Or, are those other circumstances on the list still up for consideration in
the event the topic were to be chosen? And if so, what about options beyond
the list in the topic paper (the list was not exhaustive - the paper said it
was just a sample of potential circumstances)?

Just making sure I understand what I am ranking...


Adrienne F. Brovero
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and no country can succeed--and no republic can survive."
-John F. Kennedy
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