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I am excited to announce that Les Phillips of Newark Urban Debate will be
joining the coop staff.

Les is a downright debate coaching legend. He has been coaching at the
highest levels of competition and success for over two decades. While a
coach at Lexington High School in Massachusetts he coached 3 policy debate
National Champions, an LD National Champion and countless TOC qualifying
teams. He is an author of a major debate textbook, and in his current role
in Newark he has coached teams to State and NFL District Championships. But
his main job is curriculum development and teacher training for the Newark
Middle School League. He will be bring his wide variety of skills and
talents to Baltimore this summer and we are thrilled to have him here.

He will be joining the following Staff Members

Daryl Burch-Baltimore Urban Debate League-

Daryl is the director of programs for the Baltimore Urban Debate League,
before coming to the BUDL he coached College Debate at the University of
Louisville where he pioneered new styles and new ways of looking at debate.
He has coached teams to late outrounds at CEDA & the NDT as well as many
highly successful high school debate teams.

Stephen Davis-Bard College

Everything you have ever heard about Stephen Davis* is true. This is a recap
of the relevant portions of his story.
There is a 92% chance that Stephen Davis is part bear.
Stephan Davis was Bryan Singer's first choice to play Wolverine in the X-Men
films. Insurance wouldn't cover anyone who actually had an adamantium
skeleton, and so they got some Australian guy instead.
You might call them puppets. You would be wrong.
*Stephen Davis is the founder and head coach of the Bard College debate
team. As a novice, he and his partner won Novice Nationals held at Towson
University in 2004, rapping about ruralism and difference. Back then,
neither Stephen nor difference had any "a's" in it. In just four years, Bard
College has gone from having one debater with dreadlocks to a
nationally-ranked program with the best-dressed debaters in elimination
rounds at several national tournaments. Using innovative and nontraditional
methods, his teams continue confusing their opponents and seducing their
judges to victory.

Shawntia Diggs-Towson University

Shawntia Diggs debated for Forest Park High School & Towson University and
was a highly successful debater engaging in a wide range of arguments and
styles. As a coach she has coached the 2008 CEDA national champions, and
several high school teams that compete on a high level on the national
circuit. She also works extensively with Baltimore Urban Debate League to
develop curriculum and best teaching practices.

Andy Ellis-Towson University

Andy Ellis debated at Towson University and has coached at Vermont,Long
Beach, Marist,Vassar/Bard, Wyoming and Towson. He has coached a Novice
National Champion and a CEDA National Champion and has worked with multiple
out round competitors at the NDT. Andy also directs the BCDC and Baltimore
College Debate and has worked closely with national UDL leadership in order
to create college debate opportunities for urban students.

James Maritato-Marist College

"Jimbo" Maritato debated at Marist College and has coached at The University
of Wyoming and is currently the Director of Debate at Marist College. In the
6 seasons that Jimbo has coached college debate he has coached 4 NDT
qualifiers.In addition to his significant coaching track record Jimbo is
also quite skilled with the computer and will contribute his significant
talents to the smooth running of the technology processes at the Co-op.

Beth Skinner-Towson University

Beth Skinner debated for the University of Kansas and has coached at
Missouri State, Wayne State and for the last decade Towson University. She
has coached two CEDA National Champions as well as several NDT outround
participants, and has worked closely with the Baltimore Urban Debate League
to build a vibrant community of debate and public discourse in Baltimore.
She has taught debate around the nation and around the world.

Matt Stannard-University of Wyoming

Matt Stannard has been coaching debate for fourteen years and has helped
teams win eight national championships and national speaking titles,
and over 50 individual tournament titles. He coached the 9th seeded team at
the 2008 National Debate Tournament and the top speaker at the 2008 National
Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. He was the recipient of the 2007
Coach of the Year at the Val Browning Round Robin at Weber State, and is
currently a member of the national committee of the National Debate
Tournament and the Cross Examination Debate Association, as well as an
editorial board member for the National Parliamentary Debate Association's
scholarly journal Parliamentary Debate. As a Lecturer in rhetorical theory,
and a political activist, Matt writes and speaks on issues of socioeconomic
class and political movements. He has taught at, or directed, summer debate
workshops in Korea, Wyoming, Georgia, California, Utah, Maryland, and

Our Staff has 16 Individual National Championships between them. But who is
counting, each member of the BCDC staff has contributed signifigantly to the
growth of new programs, has defined a method of debate that fits their
educational needs, and have a demonstrated history of success, commitment,
and effective teaching.

You can join us in Baltimore and work with this excellent staff for $500 for
a two week institute. That includes your housing, an evidence set, and all
the other benefits of a full on debate camp. Go to
baltimorecollegedebate.org or contact me for more info.
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