[eDebate] John Rief to Join Baltimore Coop Online Staff.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue May 20 08:06:17 CDT 2008

John Rief of the University of Pittsburgh will be working as an online lab
leader for the Baltimore Summer Coop. John has been at the foundation of the
success and growth of the wyoming coop, and was amongst a group of folks who
put a D9 at risk on his shoulders. John isnt just a community minded
builder, he was a highly successful debater reaching out rounds of nearly
every major tournament, including the NDT. He is an argumentative innovator
but can cut a mean china argument as well.

If you would like to work from home but still in a summer camp lab, let me

Starting June 1st the  online coop will be open, before the end of the week
there will be a preview,  but for $150 or $500 for a team  you can:

* Get access to all evidence and instructional material from the BCDC.
* Receive your own account and customizable page, you can track research,
documents, your tasks, your calender, and other customizable features.
* Get exclusive access to online discussion with coop participants and
special guests.
* Collaborate across the internet on arguments,research, and learning
* Participate in online written debates (webcam debates if we can get that
* Have access all summer and season long
* Use our search able evidence and research library (downloads are easy to,
if you use ms word and ie 6.0 you can open documents straight from the
online coop)

The demo later this week will provide you more information.
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