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Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Wed May 21 00:41:07 CDT 2008

Hi Everyone:

CEDA will hold its summer meeting (and business meeting and topic  
meeting) in Dallas, TX later this month (Saturday, May 31).

There are three amendments up for consideration.  The full text and a  
proxy form are available online at http://www.cedadebate.org under the  
link for BUSINESS.  A copy of the amendments is pasted below.  If you  
have questions, please let me know.  Remember, a YES vote is required  
at the business meeting in order to send an amendment to the full  
membership for a vote.



Article III, Section 1.  Cut sub-point B.

The amendment would eliminate the membership category of ?affiliate.?

Rationale:  This section is functionally moot with the emerging  
programs fee reduction.  Striking section B would clarify confusion  
and redundancy in the membership category.


Bylaw IX, Section 17.  Add new section:  ?F.  If, by the close of  
registration, a region has not presented the Tournament Director with  
the name of a judge selected by their region for the final round  
panel, that region?s slot shall be replaced by a judge assigned using  
the tournament?s mutual preference system.?

Rationale: There is a need for clarifying of the identification and  
selection of final round judges for the championship tournament.   
Increasingly, regions have difficulty identifying or are unsuccessful  
at providing a critic.  The amendment is meant clarify procedures the  
tab room shall employ in seeking replacement judges.


1.            ARTICLE VI.  Replace entire with:

Section 1.  The Association is divided into conferences as specified  
in the Bylaws.

Section 2.  Each conference, with the approval of the Executive  
Council, shall have the right to determine its own name.

2.            BYLAW II.  Replace entire with:

Current Conferences of the Association

Section 1.  A complete list of all active conferences shall be made  
available by the Executive Secretary.  Each conference must be  
approved by a majority vote of the Executive Council.  Each conference  
shall provide CEDA with a document detailing (1) the procedure for  
selecting and removing member institutions and (2) the procedure for  
selecting a conference chair.

Section 2.  An ?Independent? conference shall be permanently assigned  
as a name for a conference.  Any member institution without a  
conference affiliation declared by September 1 of each year shall  
automatically be assigned to this conference.  The chair of the  
Independent Conference shall be selected by a majority vote of the  
Executive Council.  New member institutions shall be eligible to join  
a conference any time during their first year.

Section 3.  Any conference (excluding the Independent Conference) with  
fewer than 8 member institutions shall forfeit their voting privileges  
on the Executive Council.  Any conference chair (or designee) missing  
two consecutive Executive Council meetings shall forfeit their voting  
privileges on the Executive Council.  Voting privileges can be  
reinstated by a majority vote of the Executive Council.

Section 4.  Annual first place award will be given to any conference  
with at least 6 members.  A second place award will be given to any  
conference with at least 10 members.  A third place award will be  
given to any conference with at least 12 members.

Section 5.  Member institutions may switch conferences only during the  
time between the conclusion of the National Tournament and September  
1.  All changes must conform to the rules established by both  

Section 6. Following approval of a conference structure for the  
governance of the organization, the EC shall make such provisions as  
are necessary for the orderly transition from a regional to a  
conference structure to be completed by September 1, 2009.

3.            ARTICLE V.  Section 4.  Cut sentence:  ?The regions of  
The East, North Central, Rocky Mountain, Southern California and South  
Central shall elect their representatives in even numbered years.?

4.            ARTICLE V.  Section 5.  Cut sentence:  ?The Executive  
Council may authorize a special election to restore the staggering of  
terms for regional representatives.?

5.            Replace all references to ?regional sweepstakes? with  
?conference sweepstakes,? including:

             Article III.  Section 1.  D. 1.

             Bylaw VI.  Section 9.

6.            Replace all references to ?regional representative? with  
?conference chair,?  including:

             Article IV.  Section 1.

             Article IV.  Section 2.  G.

             Article IV.  Section 5.  J.

             Article IV.  Section 7.

             Article IV.  Section 7.  G-H.

             Article IV.  Section 10.  A.

             Article IV.  Section 12.  B.

             Article V.  Section 1.

             Article V.  Section 5.

             Article V.  Section 5.  E-F.

             Bylaw V.  Section 8.

7.            Replace all references to ?region? with ?conference,?  

             Article IV.  Section 7.  B-E

             Article IV.  Section 9.  A.

             Article IV.  Section 11.  A.

             Article IV.  Section 12.  B.

             Article V.  Section 1.

             Article V.  Section 3.

             Article V.  Section 4.

             Bylaw V.  Section 8.

             Bylaw XII.  Section 2.  B.

             Bylaw XII.  Section 7.

             Bylaw XIII.  Section 1.

             Bylaw XIV.  Section 3.

             Bylaw XV.  Section 2.  A.

8.            Bylaw VI.  Section 9.  Replace last two sentences with:   
?Also, any approved conference sweepstakes awards will be presented.   
If no awards are submitted by the conference chair, then they will be  
given to the top schools in the conference that did not receive one of  
the top ten national sweepstakes awards.  The number of conference  
awards will be based on the formula outlined in Bylaw II.

9.            Bylaw IX.  Section 17.  Replace entire section with:   
?At least five judges should be used for the final round.  The  
President should attempt to represent at least two-thirds of all  
approved conferences on the final round panel.?

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