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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed May 21 12:02:07 CDT 2008

We are looking for coaches judges and scholars to contribute to the online
cooperative. The online cooperative will be open all summer and will
continue to grow during the season. Some material will go onto the public
BCD site and will serve as resources available to all potential debaters and
coaches around the country. Other parts of the content will stay exclusive
to cooperative participants, and all content will become part of a starter
set for new programs working with BCD. The work you contribute will expand
the reach of debate and provide high quality community generated resources
that form the building blocks of new and emerging debate programs.Your
contribution can be scalable to the amount of time and energy you want to
put into it, you can discuss with me whether you want to write one article
or be online the full time.

 Below is a list of ways you can participate.

* Online Lab Leader- Online lab leaders work full time coordinating and
managing assignments, engaging discussions, and working on arguments.
* Researcher- Researchers work on building the argument and topic knowledge
* Argument Reviewers- Argument reviewers, read comment and make suggestions
for arguments submitted by students.
* Special Guest Blog and Chat Sessions- If you want to contribute but don't
have time for the above options a great way to contribute is to write a
special guest blog and have a real time internet based chat session with
students. We will schedule you for a time announce it to all participants
and you can do everything straight from any web enabled computer.
* E-lectures- E lectures are lessons about a particular subject, you can use
text, video, audio, or whatever other learning methods you choose, your
e-lecture will go into our library and students can access it on demand.
* Online Judge- Throughout the summer we will have online text and/or audio
or video debates, we need judges who are willing to evaluate the debate and
write or record decisions and comments.
* Curriculum Designer- If you have particular skills designing debate
curriculum you can work to build within our existing curriculum or can
contribute one of your own
* Discussion Leader- In our online discussion forums you can lead a
discussion about debate theory practice or whatever else you like
* Web Application Builder- If you have skills in the web design or
application building department you can let us know and help us build more
features for the public site and the coop sharepoint site.

In addition to the defined jobs we will also happily accept the following

* Files
* Educational resources
* Videos of instructional materials
* Reading Lists
* Theory Articles
* Blog Posts
* Citations
* Argument Guides
* Other content you think is useful

We can't pay anybody right now. But we can barter with coop resources. If
you are interested in any of these things contact me and we will set up
parameters, or if you have another idea for an online service contact me.

The work you put in will be part of a process of creating a resource base
that will help new and emerging debate programs to have the basis they need
to join our community.

Thank you and please ask any questions you may have.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate
A program of Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems (Y.O.U.R.S)
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