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National College Policy Debate Workshop
July 24 ? August 7, 2008
University of Vermont

One Week Session: July 24 ? Aug 1, 2008
Two Week Session: July 24 ? Aug 7, 2008

Preparations for the 2008 National College Policy Debate Workshop are well
underway.  We are all very excited about the quality of the experience we
will be able to provide this summer, and want you to join us!  We are also
excited to confirm that Ruth Zisman, the recent Director of Debate for Bard
College from 2004 to 2008, will be assisting with argument groups and
practice debates during the workshop.  Her expertise in critical arguments
will be invaluable to those of you who want to sharpen your skills in that
aspect of the game.

Below are new details about our pre-camp evidence set, argument group
dynamics, and practice debates.

On the first day of the institute after arrival day you will receive the
pre-camp evidence file, including:
     -Two complete Affirmative cases with 1AC's, frontlines, and backup
     -Case hits against both Affirmative cases.
     -A series of critical arguments that cover common advantage areas.
     -A generic counterplan and disadvantage.
     -A comprehensive Topicality file, complete with critical arguments and
     -A Negative critique with link, impact and alternative evidence.

We emphasize choice in argument group participation.  You select an argument
group each week based on pitches from faculty members.  We guarantee
diversity in this selection, whether your interests lie in the more
traditional style of policy arguments, or in the critical or
performance-based area.

Hands-on training
Argument groups are run by faculty members with assistance from the
Scholars.  Each week you will receive 20+ hours of time in argument groups
with faculty; learning in-depth how to cut, organize, and execute your
group's particular project.

This year the cost covers all the technology you will need to participate in
the institute.  Scanning, photocopying, database access, and computer lab
time are all included.  All attendees will have temporary net id's to
configure their wireless technologies to the campus VPN, ensuring access to
the network across the campus.

The pre-camp evidence set will allow you to have quality debates at the
beginning of the institute.  All one-week attendees are guaranteed at least
7 full practice debates, and all two-week attendees will participate in at
least 15 full practice debates during the institute.

Burlington is a wonderful place for pedestrians.  The campus is just a few
blocks from downtown, where you can find a variety of things to do to suit
your entertainment and dining interests.  To find out what's happening in
the Queen City you should check the *Seven Days*. http://www.7dvt.com/

Call: (800) 639-3210 or (802) 656-2085
Web: debate.uvm.edu/wdi
Previous post: http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2008-May/075063.html

You may enroll for academic credit; call 800-639-3210 or visit the website
for more information.

David Register
Lecturer/Debate Coach
Lawrence Debate Union
Department of Theatre
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Vermont
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