[eDebate] Request for student input on the topic wording

Mike Davis davismk13
Tue May 27 21:18:20 CDT 2008

>From Sean Lowry, National Student Rep

Date: Tue 27 May 17:03:38 EDT 2008
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Attention all debaters!
My name is Sean Lowry and I am was elected your student representative
to the topic committee at this past year's CEDA Nationals whether you
knew it or not! I know everyone is busy enjoying their summer breaks,
but I know a lot of debaters are looking forward to the upcoming
debate season. As this year's national student representative to the
CEDA topic committee, I want to open my ears to your input on the
topic process! In less than a week I will be in Dallas, TX to help
craft the exact wording for the agricultural topic resolution. Please
join the facebook group 2008-09 CEDA Topic (Student Forum) and post
your suggestions to me. I am trying to keep an ongoing discussion in
the public eye on the student side of discussion and provide a voice
for all of those who have concerns. AFF flex, neg ground, etc. are all
game for discussion. If you have any problems joining the group send
me a facebook message (Sean Lowry, JMU), but otherwise try to keep
your comments to the board- after all this is a student community
discussion! Thanks!
-Sean Lowry

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University

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