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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri May 30 09:24:32 CDT 2008

Some news from the Baltimore College Debate Coop

1. We have about ten spots left for residents-, if you are interested in
coming we would love to have you, but you should act soon to make sure you
have a room.
2. John Rief of the University of Pittsburgh will be joining us as an online
lab leader, he will be a solid contributor to the research and discussion of
the camp, and we are working on some high tech solutions to allow him to
teleconference with those of us here in Baltimore..
3. We have been arranging for a variety of online contributors that will
produce arguments, learning and teaching material, and other useful
resources all participants will receive, so far we have made agreements with
Buddy Khan, Guy Risko, David Peterson, Steve D'Amico, Rashad Evans, Kevin
Kuswa, Andy Casey,and several others with whom discussion is ongoing. As
this list grows we will continue to update you. If you are interested in
contributing we are looking for debaters or coaches who are interested in
sharing their favorite argument. Ideally this would include a 25 page file,
further suggested reading, teaching and learning content of your choosing,
and any additional resources you think make the argument accessible to and
deployable by new and emerging debate programs. If you are interested
contact me.
4. Students will start the camp with access to all material produced online
prior to july 20th, plus a "camp set" including  2-3 affirmatives, 2 disad
counterplan combos, case arguments and disads, several kritiks, a basic t
file a basic theory file, and a framework argument. During the two weeks of
the coop we will use the already existing materials to get debates and
research started then focus on helping students develop and focus on the
arguments they want to build. The focus of the first week will be on
building arguments, the focus of the second week will be on making sure
students have answers and strategies against the likely arguments they will
5. The programming team is busily working on getting the online coop ready
and running. Look out for it this weekend.
6. We will have a group of peer to peer educators and leaders. The contours
of the group are coming together, these folks are experienced and successful
debaters who will work with staff and students to provide mentoring and
assistance. Look for an announcement of these folks later today or over the
7. All this for $500

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Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate Cooperative
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