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As i prepare for the summer coop i wanted to take a moment to let the
community know about some of the progress here in Baltimore. For the last
two years Baltimore College Debate has oppoerated entirely out of my pocket
and mostly off of my free labor. This summer we are entering into a
partnership with a Baltimore area youth empowerment non profit, Youth
Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems (YOURS). BCD will run as a program
of YOURS and will serve as the engine for building a college completion and
success program that focuses on building multigenerational mentorship
rekationships. While it still means that my labor is unpaid, the partnership
allows BCD to work as an official tax empt non profit and will also provide
a structure for us to develop the program within.

We are looking to hire our first employee this fall, his job will be to
serve as a peer-to-peer educator and campus organizer, he will go from
campus to campus building interest and capacity for new and emerging
programs. In addition to his work he will receive an Americorps stipend
pluan an educational credit to help pay for his school in a time when work
is a necessity. The likely candidate is a Baltimore City Public School and
Baltimore Urban Debate League graduate, and a current college debater.

The above link is an opportunity for you to help us employee a deserving
student to do very meaningful work. We must raise $5000 by August in order
to cover this position, we will match $2500 if we can get it raised off of
here in the next month. For as little as $10 you can make sure own of our
communities own is able to stay in school, as well as serve a powerful
community organizing role which will pay off immensly for our community.

Donations over $75 are tax deductable and will recive a donation letter.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate
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