[eDebate] Kansas State Coaching Additions and Thanks

scott varda scottvarda
Mon May 5 15:08:59 CDT 2008

The Bears are saddened by the departure of two of their best, but
excited about their new positions at Kansas State.

For the past four years, Halli has consistently been one of the
hardest workers, if not THE hardest worker on Baylor's squad.  Her
commitment to excellence will surely be extended into graduate school
and coaching.  Jeff might be the most underrated coach and judge in
the country.  Every sweet Baylor has done regarding critical arguments
had been enhanced by Jeff's efforts.  If you like critical arguments,
you simply MUST put him in the back of the room.

I hope the folks in Manhattan know what a great deal they got with
Jeff and Halli, the Bears are very proud of them.

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