[eDebate] Russia/Keenan

Joshua Gonzalez gonza310
Wed May 7 15:21:33 CDT 2008

Here's my principle worry - everybody that has done 30 minutes of research
has thrown up a bunch of cites indicating that X or Y defense cooperation
program worked as well/not as well/better than expected.  Where is the
literature that increased defense cooperation is simply a bad idea? I get
that there are opportunity cost claims (i.e., relations DAs, spending,
whatever) and that there will always be News Max, but isn't this quite
literally exemplary of the area topics that we are supposed to be avoiding?
I'm increasingly concerned that everything I've seen so far points to
questions of "how", rather than questions of "why?".  
My companion worry is the following, entirely predictable scenario:
everybody says "debating russia would be fun - look at all those bombs, and
look at all those links that our 'northbrook friend' has posted!" and then
votes for the Russia topic.  The topic committee meets, works their ass off,
and then delivers a slate of totally decent list topics that call for very
specific and evenly-grounded actions, and the obligatory "elegant"
resolution. Fast forward to the even more predictable edebate discussion
where we get incessant appeals to the horror-that-was-the-Europe-topic, a
two or three day re-hash of "are small topics good or bad for small
schools?", and eventually, victory by the bizarro China topic, where it's
Russia rather than China, and the aff gets the engagement good ground this
time around.  
Fast forward again to round seven at GSU, where I fall asleep, having
watched my fourth consecutive uber-generic debate, as I attempt to decide
exactly WWJD (What Would Japan Do?).  
Awesome indeed.


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Isnt it awesome how everyone that has done 30 minutes worth of research on
Russia can specify the depth of the solvency debates? I agree. It's not. 

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