[eDebate] UNT Welcomes Louie Petit

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Thu May 8 11:57:49 CDT 2008

I want to congratulate Louie, and also North Texas, on this
announcement. I think many close to our program understand how
absolutely central Louie was to our squad in general, and in particular
to Ozzy & Clay's runs at CEDA and NDT. We will miss him greatly -
coaches of his caliber simply cannot be replaced. 

I am extremely confident he will continue to do an outstanding job. I
also think he a fabulous example of how you don't have to be a 1st round
debater to become an amazing coach - it just takes times, effort, a love
of arguments, and a commitment to constantly improving your skills. I
hope his success up to this point, and beyond, inspires others the way
it has inspired me. 

Of course, I'm also concerned that, particularly with Kuntal returning,
we might be losing more rounds to UNT. I do have a video of him jumping
into a practice round that could be posted if I'm provoked....


p.s. Hopefully, Louie won't take this job as a license to route for any
sports team from the Dallas metro area. No such licenses are available.

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It is my distinct pleasure to announce that North Texas will welcome
Louie Petit as the new Assistant Director of Debate for next year.
After a long and rigorous search, we are very excited that Louie will be
joining us after completing his tenure at Missouri State University.
Louie is a great coach whose accomplishments in D3 and nationally are
worth applauding, and we look forward to having him in Denton next year.

As an aside, if you are reading this and are still looking for graduate
school, please get in contact with me, we have recently received
additional funds for grad students to do debate at UNT.

Assistant Professor of Communication
Director of Debate
University of North Texas
Box 305268
Denton, TX, 76203
(o) 940-565-4534
(c) 940-453-2359
(fax) 940-565-3630

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