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It's 2005 and Ben Warner is leaving SMS for a team who shared his
contradictory penchant for both short cards and the impact turn. SMS was
ecstatic but I suppose the moment could be called "bittersweet" if you
included Kansas' opinion. It was the end of a promising career for [one]
self-depreciating unattractive fat man but it was just the beginning of the
career for another1.

China was a large topic (made larger by you cheaters who wanted to just give
shit to China ?).

Louie is a large man.

To a man with a brain like Ermo, that sort of parallel just couldn't be left

Six times out of seven, Ermo might be wrong to pay a man whose biggest
debate accomplishment was batting the cycle in D3 coaching. But this time,
he was right (and if anybody really wants to read his RFD, you can find

700 page files with incomprehensible indexes, insanely indefensible impact
mods, and so many spelling and grammatical errors that Bill Gates starts
sending you courtesy emails about the nearest writing center aren't for
everyone (except maybe Bricker ? and why they have some things in common
I'll never understand).

The first time Louie handed Kearney and I his Europe
counterplan/disad/relations file/book report/beer checklist, we smiled and
filed it BEHIND the wipeout answers.

The first time Louie asked me why we weren't running it I had to lie and
tell him Kearney was literate, and thus knew it was useless.

SMS KO was in many ways a self-made success story. Sort of like the KC
Royals are today.

We needed someone who could understand what it means to marry a template,
write more efficient files, let us re-cut all the good cites you find so we
can take credit for them, and give advice to the truly un-coachable. As a
bonus, Louie was also willing to wear a bandana in public.

KO and Louie united around hatred for the courts topic, and love of the
Rhyne 1958 evidence3. While our coalition held together pretty well for the
first half of the season, duty called Kearney into the South China Sea,
where today he keeps every one of you thankless bastards alive.

It had been said that "the 2NR is the hardest speech in debate," but I
always just figured Kearney sucked.

It is at this moment that Louie stepped into a new role that he would play
for another year and a half: the man cutting all of the case d.

Squad meetings were streamlined. I took all of Kearney's
amendment/legitimacy blocks and informed Louie his new job was to waste as
much aff time as possible ? by cutting case cards I would/could never go
for. Swallowing his pride (along with his fair share of alcohol) Louie
embraced this task, helping me complete what I thought was my last semester
in debate on a positive note (the words "I quit" coming out of Blake Moore's
mouth as the van rolled up after CEDA).

When my coaching staff asked me if I wanted to debate a fifth year, I told
them to fuck themselves.

Then they told me Louie would come back if I did.

Louie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He's not a complicated
man so you don't really even need to take the time to get to know him to
understand this. I have always prided myself on the amount of debate work I
did but I honestly have never been able to match Louie (perhaps because of
my outright fear of anything called "80-hour energy" spray). Whatever he
tells you after the fifth round of Irish car-bombs he just picked up the tab
for (and I'm not talking about one time only), never believe the parts about
how little he had to do with the best season in the history of Missouri
State debate. Luckily, I have had great coaches the whole time I have been
here and I am appreciative to all of them for how much they helped me, be it
for one tournament or five long years. Louie is the perfect example of
someone who loves debate, loves debaters, and puts his will do whatever it
takes to be a better coach. He is also one of my best friends. I am lucky to
have met him, and UNT has a lot to look forward to.

Another redo?

Martin Osborn


1 http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2007-May/070908.html

2 http://groups.wfu.edu/NDT/Results/JudgesBallots2006final.htm

3 http://www.abanet.org/publiced/lawday/rhyne58.html

On 5/8/08, Morris, Eric R <EricMorris at missouristate.edu> wrote:
> Or root for any teams, in case he decides that would make more sense
> than planning routes for them.
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> I want to congratulate Louie, and also North Texas, on this
> announcement. I think many close to our program understand how
> absolutely central Louie was to our squad in general, and in particular
> to Ozzy & Clay's runs at CEDA and NDT. We will miss him greatly -
> coaches of his caliber simply cannot be replaced.
> I am extremely confident he will continue to do an outstanding job. I
> also think he a fabulous example of how you don't have to be a 1st round
> debater to become an amazing coach - it just takes times, effort, a love
> of arguments, and a commitment to constantly improving your skills. I
> hope his success up to this point, and beyond, inspires others the way
> it has inspired me.
> Of course, I'm also concerned that, particularly with Kuntal returning,
> we might be losing more rounds to UNT. I do have a video of him jumping
> into a practice round that could be posted if I'm provoked....
> Ermo
> MoState
> p.s. Hopefully, Louie won't take this job as a license to route for any
> sports team from the Dallas metro area. No such licenses are available.
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> Colleagues,
> It is my distinct pleasure to announce that North Texas will welcome
> Louie Petit as the new Assistant Director of Debate for next year.
> After a long and rigorous search, we are very excited that Louie will be
> joining us after completing his tenure at Missouri State University.
> Louie is a great coach whose accomplishments in D3 and nationally are
> worth applauding, and we look forward to having him in Denton next year.
> As an aside, if you are reading this and are still looking for graduate
> school, please get in contact with me, we have recently received
> additional funds for grad students to do debate at UNT.
> -Brian
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> Director of Debate
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