[eDebate] What does agricultural subsidies have to do with animals

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu May 8 13:09:22 CDT 2008

If issues of animal rights and animal studies is your bag, you are much, much
more likely to get into a deeper debate on these issues on the genetic
engineering topic then you would on debating agricultural subsidies.

Example: Affirmative plans to ban the use of genetically engineered animals or
hormone treatments on farms. Bans on certain genetic testing because they harm
animal rights, etc.

Also, just getting rid of a subsidy will not get rid of the factory farms. A
simple "ban them" counter-plan seems like it would be a much better solvency
mechanism than trying to stretch a reduction of subsidies sqaure peg into a
"ban them all" round hole.

As I have noted before, many of the hottest areas of the agriculture topic are
subsumed by genetic engineering topic, and the solvency mechanisms are more
straight forward than just an appeal to reduce Ag subsidies.

Example: On the Ag topic, people could argue to reduce subsidies for genetically
modified bt corn.

On the genetic engineering topic, the affirmative could either reduce subsidies
(weak solvency) or an outright ban (strong solvency).

Scott Elliott

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